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May 6, 2021 - Blogs

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For this assignment we were to demonstrate an understanding of personal brand identity, as applied to a portfolio website. This blog is showing my thought process when it came to designing my website.

I started off with drawing my wireframes for the website. The image below is one continuing wireframe. I have shown the links included, image placement, sizes of headers and paragraphs, and the different sections. I did not go into as much detail by including colours and typefaces as that is included in the brand guidelines.

I then started working on building the website. However. I didn’t need to start from scratch as I could use my portfolio website from semester 1 as a template, which is what I did. I wanted the monogram to be the main focus at the start of the website. I wanted the layout and design to look clean, simplistic and professional, which is why at the start I had my monogram, name and description on display, to show off the basic yet important information at the start.

As I was designing my website, this is where I came up with the final colour scheme of my brand. Before this point, I had kept everything black and white, however, I realised that it did not fit my style and what I wanted to portray through my brand. I chose the dark navy to represent professionalism and the pink was to represent fun and it is also my favourite colour which makes the brand more personal to myself.

Along with this, I also wanted to include my logo in my website in some way, which is when I came up with the idea of including it in the navbar. Originally, I wanted the logo in between the links, but I was not able to do so. Instead, I put the logo just above the links which I still think looks good. I also made two different GIFs of my logo which I had also planned to implement into the website, but the GIFs did not have a transparent background.

In week 11, we had a group critique on what we have been doing up until that date. I got feedback on my website, logos and business card which I took on board. I was advised to move my monogram closer to my name and move my name down more, so that it is aligned with the middle of the ‘K’. I also changed the design of my business card and was told to scrap the monogram animation which I agreed with and keep the logo animations instead.

My final business cards

With some coding difficulties and time restraints, I wasn’t able to design my portfolio how I would have wanted to. I provided a link below to an XD file of a wireframe/prototype of my portfolio website which I would have wanted to make.

XD link


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