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March 4, 2021 - Blogs

Business Cards

One way to show off your brand is to apply your brand to a business card. Business cards are an essential outcome for your branding either for clients or networking. They represent your brand and conveys personal contact information such as, name, email address, phone number and website address.

When designing your business card, it is important to design it well because it can be the first impression a client gets from your business card. For example, the information should be clearly displayed and be related to your brand (include the monogram).

This is my first design for my business card (below). For the front of the business card I wanted to put the monogram and wordmark in the center of the business card. This is because I wanted to make a bold statement with use of both features. I kept it black and white to keep it eye-catching. On the back of the card, I took the ‘K’ from the monogram and put it behind the information. I also created the effect of a card inside a card. The ‘K’ cuts through the card keeping the design consistent with the monogram.

As for the personal contact information, I decided to include my email address, phone number and website address.




After receiving feedback on my first business card designs, I was advised to make the front of the business card more decorative and keep the back to solely information based content. I was also advised to remove the wordmark from the front and put it on the back to display my name clearly.

Below are my final designs for my business card until further feedback.

I kept the black and white theme for boldness and enlarged the monogram and rotated it slightly for a dramatised effect. I added in some lines which cut through each other to keep the design consistent. The back of the business card, I added my name and job title and kept in the previous information.


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