Creating my manifesto

September 27, 2020 - Blogs

What does the manifesto mean to me?


Firstly, I had decided to make a short brief overview of what I needed and had to include, just to gain an understanding of what was expected. This is shown in the first image.

After doing research on what a manifesto is, I began to think about what my manifesto was going to mean to me. I focused on my flaws when it came to my productivity. I procrastinate a lot and often loose focus on working which tends to lead me to give up trying my best.

As I was thinking of ways to put this into my manifesto in a creative way, I came across a song which was titled ‘Lighthouse’. This had given me the inspiration which I needed. The two main purposes of a lighthouse are to serve as a navigational aid and to warn boats of dangerous areas. As I tend to lose focus, the lighthouse would symbolize a way to remind me to keep focused and stay on track to reach my destination, no matter how rough the waves get (no matter how tough times are). The lyrics within the song had given me some ideas of what I wanted my manifesto to say.

I then had to put my plan into motion. I had roughly jotted down a few ideas which I had into notes on my phone so I would not forget them. I planned to create my manifesto in Adobe Photoshop, but before that I wanted to create a wire-frame of the idea I had for the manifesto. I created the wire-frame in Adobe XD.


After I had finished the wire-frame and was happy with the outcome, I started to work on creating my manifesto using Photoshop. Firstly, I had to look for an image big enough so that it wouldn’t look pixelated. Once I found the image, I added the text around the lighthouse. The text looked a bit boring so I changed it to colour dodge and added an inner and outer glow. This represents the light from the lighthouse which is shining out of the text. Below is the final outcome.


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