IXD304 Week 12-Website Feedback

For the last class of the year, we spent the morning looking at everyones Webflow sites that we put up on the group Miro page. This was really helpful as it allowed us to see everyones work and discuss strengths and weaknesses of each of our sites. It was also really interesting as we had not done a class critique in a few weeks so everyones work have changed a lot and are so unique to each of our styles.

As this is our last class before our hand in it was really helpful to see where each of us could improve in our sites and get it ready for marking.

This class was personally really helpful as Kyle helped me to improve sections of my page that I didn’t know what to do with, for example, closing the cap between my images and text to try and make my text not seem so alone. When I went and tried this I felt it was instantly better and the text had more of a purpose.



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