IXD303- Figuring out horizontal scrolling and contextual research

One of the main tasks I wanted to accomplish throughout this project was to learn how to horizontal scroll for sections of my screens.


an example of the perfect use of horizontal scrolling is food apps such as Deliveroo. It’s a great way to add as much information as possible without cluttering your screen. It helps categorise your products and make it easier to navigate as well as improving the users experience with your app as it makes it more interesting. Since my app is based on eating disorder recovery I felt this was a good way to categorise my recipe section.

To make my prototype as professional and realistic as possible, I really wanted to include horizontal scrolling as well as vertical scrolling. I decided I would begin to try and figure out this process by myself to see if I was able to do it but (unsurprisingly) realised it was more difficult than initially thought.

I then went onto YouTube to search up a horizontal scroll tutorial (link here) to help me. This tutorial was extremely quick and easy to follow and allowed me to successfully add some horizontal scrolling throughout my product.

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