IXD102 Hand-in

Final Project Pieces Project 1- Type Specimen for Screen Project 2- Design History Presentation Project 3- Design History Web Essay   Supporting Blogs Blog 1- Type Specimen for Screen Blog 2- Design History Presentation Blog 3- Design History Web Essay   Blogs Gutenberg and Beyond A Century of Change Revolution and the Bauhaus WWII and […]

Internet History

The Origins of the Internet The origins of the internet date back to the 1950s during the Cold War. At that time there was ongoing tension around nuclear warfare and the US sought to develop a communication system that could not be affected by a nuclear attack. Computers at that time were very large and […]


Where it began Postmodernism is said to have begun with the demolishing of the Pruitt-Igoe housing blocks in St Louis Missouri, see below. A building that was designed with a modernist style built to capture as much sunlight as possible and with various similar consideration to maximise the space. However, what was not considered were […]

International Typographic Style

The International Typographic Style also known as the Swiss Style emerged in Switzerland in the 1950s. Its object was to produce design that was content-focused similar to the modernist view that form follows function. Closely linked with the Swiss Style is the typeface Helvetica designed in 1957.   The Helvetica documentary film In the Helvetica […]

WWII and Modernism in the US

Modernism in the US partially began as a result of Adolf Hitler’s view on modern artist’s, designers, architects and so on as being degenerates braking from the traditional and nationalist values instilled by his right-wing political ethos and as a result, they had to flee the country many immigrating to the US in the 1930s […]

Revolution and the Bauhaus

De Stijl De Stijl otherwise known as “The Style” is a Dutch art movement founded of 1917 as a response to individualism and national egotism that was felt to be the cause of the war favouring a minimal, geometric abstract style unidentifiable to any country or individual. Founding members include Theo van Doesburg and Piet […]