IXD302 Project Proposal Written Content

Before designing my project proposal I wrote the below content so that I could consider various formats in relation to the specific sections. Title Page Client company name: Cathedral Quarter Trust Project title: Hill Street Brand and Website Design Project Document type: Proposal Version of proposal: Version 0.1 Submission date: November 19th Your company name: […]

IXD302 Week 5 Project Proposal Research

Creating a Proposal The process of creating is very well outlined in A Project Guide to UX Design by Ross Unger and Carolyn Chandler. The core components of a proposal are: Title Page Revision of History Project Overview Project Approach Scope of work Assumptions Deliverables Ownership and rights Additional costs and fees Project pricing Payment schedule […]

IXD302 Interview Preparation

A great post I found on this topic was 12 UX Designer Interview Questions and Answers. The following example questions were included Tell us about yourself?  This question really means, tell us why you are right for this role, so keep your answer relevant. An ideal answer to this type of question will tell the […]

IXD302 Cover Letter

Researching cover letters Before beginning to write my cover letter I wanted to look at what the advice was for writing a cover letter specifically aimed at UX positions. I found a great post on Brain Station looking at just that. As highlighted on any publication on how to write a cover letter a strong emphasis […]