IXD302 Investor Pitch Content Plan

As my pitch is more geared towards charity fundraisers I took a little time to research how to present a non-profit pitch. I found the following guide particularly helpful. Are you a Non-Profit looking for Funding? Here’s a guide to creating an effective pitch deck¬† Some interesting points and key takeaways were as follows: The […]

IXD302 Investor Pitch Branding

Mood Board I began branding my product by first researching other charities and considering names around the theme of helping the homeless. I then started to consider the fact that the primary aim of my system is to deal with the problem of cashlessness. I, therefore, started to consider names relating to the donations points […]

IXD302 Week 8 Idea Generation

This week we began looking at our product pitch. The primary focus is this weeks lecture was on idea generation to help us come up with ideas for our products. The following options were provided to help to get an understanding of what our products could be. Web Site (Something Substantial) Native Application (Phone, Watch…) […]

IXD302 Invoice Research

To begin my research I began by looking at a guide on how to create an invoice. A post I found particularly helpful was How to write an invoice: what to include in an invoice template by Sam Bromley. Bromely breaks the stages of creating an invoice template into the following steps. Make your invoice […]

IXD302 Project Proposal Wireframes

In my wireframes I have taken the information and inspiration I have gathered from Visual Grammar and my mood board of examples of proposal document layouts to create a series of potential format outcomes. In the above wireframes, I experimented with scale and attempted to produce balances and formal formats. I also wanted to consider […]