IXD104 Week 8- Designing Infographics

In this weeks lecture, we covered a number of topics including the death of words. Here we looked at the rise of social media apps such as Instagram and the growing focus on images above words. However, as stated by Edward Tufte (one of the fields modern leaders) “Infographics help fill the gaps between words […]

IXD104 Week 7- Visualising Data

In this weeks lecture, we looked at various diagrams, data visualisation and reviewed how data is everywhere from bus time tables to weather reports to election results. I have looked at a number of data visual artists and their work below. Made from Data- Paul Button In the above outcomes, Paul Button demonstrates data primarily […]

IXD104 Infographic Topic Research

Selecting a topic Link to miro board When looking at a number of potential topics I wanted to select a topic that I was passionate about and that had a reliable date/ multiple reliable datasets I could draw from. Of the topics I reviewed, I decided to focus on mental health statistics as this is […]

IXD104 Travel App Icons

Sketches Once I decided what icons to include in my navigation after having complete my artist research I created the above sketches of possible outcomes for my icons. As I continued planning and developing my app further icons were needed such as badges and exports which were then added to the above. I found producing […]

IXD104 Week 4- Illustrating Interfaces

What I took away from our lecture on illustrating interfaces is just how important effective illustrations and visuals can be as it makes information more easily digestible and appealing to view. There are also different approaches and styles of interfaces design that may help users to engage with the UI. Minimalism is a great way […]