IXD302 Project Proposal Wireframes

In my wireframes I have taken the information and inspiration I have gathered from Visual Grammar and my mood board of examples of proposal document layouts to create a series of potential format outcomes.

Proposal wireframes

In the above wireframes, I experimented with scale and attempted to produce balances and formal formats. I also wanted to consider the hierarchy of information. While this is a formal document and should be read in full I still wanted to consider ways to make the most important information stand out and group relevant information together.

Proposal wireframes

I then moved on to create more detailed wireframes considering framing content, how to incorporate flow chars and project timelines/ processes. I also considered the inclusion of icons and imagery as well as the use of 1, 2 and 3 column layouts. I realised that if I wanted to display body text in a 1 column layout it could span no more than two-thirds of the page as it may reduce readability.

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