IXD103 Wordplay

Initial Sketches Above are my sketches for the wordplay exercise that required me to present a word including a visual representation of  what the word means. Following sketches, we digitised the words using Helvetica. This was a really fun and creative exercise that I imagine I will play about with again in future even just […]

IXD103 Type Anatomy Exercise

Sans Serif Typeface Breakdown Above is my breakdown of the anatomy of the typeface DM Sans spelling Rachel’s Design Lab. While this is probably one of the less creative exercises we have completed to date I actually quite enjoyed it and feel that the above outcome is effective in attractively displaying the anatomy of the […]

IXD103 Week 3- Typography

Meet Your Type Meet your type presents the anatomy of type and how to pair types together in a really fun and playful way while dropping in helpful tips about readability e.g. the x-height can dramatically affect readability so avoid extremes and also consider point size. The different measurements used in type are also included […]

IXD104 Travel App Illustration Research

Victor Mosquera Victor Mosquera is a digital/conceptual artist and has also produced multiple drawing and paintings. Mosquera works at Ubisoft Toronto a game developer company. I love the uniqueness of Mosquera’s work and its otherworldly feel. I was particularly drawn to the above outcome due to the variety of textures created. The head appears as […]

IXD104 Week 2- Getting Iconic

Creating Icons What I found particularly helpful in this weeks lecture was exploring the number of consideration that need to be made when creating icons e.g. style, level of detail, scale, harmony and the ability to differentiate one icon from another.   The Icon Handbook In John Hick’s The Icon Handbook, he covers a number […]

IXD103 Monogram Planning and Sketches

Personal Brand Identity Mindmap https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_lVFW8rM=/ Above I explored 5  words/primary considerations I wanted to include in my brand they were, my name, my target audience, my persona and whether to run with the idea of having a virtual presence being presented as a lab or studio. Current favourite outcome: Rachel Donaldson Design/ Rachel’s Design Lab/ […]

IXD103 Monogram Research

Wim Crouwel Wim Crouwel is a Dutch graphic designer and is known for his vast contribution to the modernist movement. Throughout his work, there is a common theme of grid-based outcomes resulting in clean and functional outcomes. Below are typefaces New Alphabet and Gridnick designed by Crouwel. New Alphabet was an experimental project completed by […]