104: Week 08- Designing Infographics

Designing Infographics

In this week’s lecture we delved deeper into the world of infographics and how they are effective. Infographics have proved to be very useful in the medical field to explain infectionary diseases and many illnesses as its graphical representations of difficult or complex issues can simplify them and make them informative for everyone which is the main benefit of infographics.

There are different types of infographics, these are the main examples shown in the lecture.

Timeline Infographics


Timeline infographics are great for visualising the history of something, to highlight important dates, or to give an overview of events.

Humans tend to make sense of time and how its spaced, a visual like a timeline infographic can help create a clearer picture of a timeframe. Visuals aids like lines, icons, photos, and labels all help to highlight and explain points in time.





Statistical Infographics



A statistical infographic puts the focus on your data. The layout and visuals will help you tell the story behind your data.

Your storytelling devices can include charts, icons, images and eye-catching fonts.


This is an example of a statistical infographic.




In this lecture we also learned the keys to making a good infographic are utility, illustration and soundness.

Utility-describes understandable nature of the infographic as this is the main purpose of one- to simplify a complex thing for a wide target audience

Soundness- describes the accuracy of the data and the way it is presented- making sure it is clear and a good representation of the data

Illustration- illustration can really help bring data to life and visualising data in a really interesting and eye-catching way, however, it is importat the illistration does not overpower the data and distract from the topic and point of the infographic.


Our tasks for this week wast to complete a master-apprentice recreation of two bar charts:

The charts on the right are my recreations.

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