104: Week 01- Visual Communication(illustrative)

This is the first lecture of the new module and in iit, we were given an introduction to our first project: Designing our own travel app.

During this lecture we were brought through the idea that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’. Images on their own can tell a story even without written context. An image of a house burning, creates an emotional response in humans, who can imagine the distress a home burning with all the owners belongings without being given the background to what the image actually means. Multiple images can be even more engaging. By placing images side by side you can create a story completely visually with no text. Humans can read into the emotions of images and we like to rationalise and understand what is shown to us which can work in a designers favour.

Our task for this week was to recreate one set of these icons from the following;

These are the icons I recreated, I chose from the second image as I preferred the style and colours:


I think they came out quite well, this small task really gave me insight to how the icons are designed in the first place and what goes into them.



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