104: Project 01- Travel App

The first project of this term involves creating our own travel app.
This app must display 3 screens (Home, Place and detail of Place) and working prototype.
This project really makes us explore the idea that ‘pictures is worth a thousand words’ and how visual communication can be used effectively. This module will look at communication through illustration and diagrams.
This project begins with some research into existing travel app designs. The following are the travel apps I found and liked;











The first app is called Alltrails, it walks users through hiking trails to help them not get lost and lets them favourite trails to find them easier next time. Alltrails also tracks your progress during you hike. I liked the very basic interface of this app, its, meant for everyone and the style definitely helps that. The icons are plain with black lineart that turn green when pressed by user to show what screen the user is on. The colour scheme is minimal, using mostly white with green accents to support the nature theme.

The second app is called Detour, this app guides you through the world’s most interesting places using audio from the people that know them best. The design of this app is also quite basic, it has nice use of imagery for the cities shown and the screen for the audio clips has very understandable and functional icons

The third app is called Skyscanner and it makes journey planning much easier by putting everything in the same place (flights,hotels and transportation) I enjoy the design of this app because it is still minimal and easy to understand but the icons and interface use some more colour. This app also uses a lot of images which really helps with the navigation and functionality for any demographic

The last app is called Tripit, it allows you to build an itinerary for your travel very easily and shareable with everyone else one the trip. The design of this app I think is really good, once all the activities are plugged into the app it is shown in a colourful timeline to make it interesting and engaging to look at.

To begin the development of my own travel app I created a mindmap of my ideas and factors I think are important to. my design.
I created another mindmap discussing the type of travel I could explore:
I then created some initial wireframes:
Then a more finalised wireframe design:

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