After the first first submission I listened to the feedback and reworked things accordingly.

Business Cards

Business Card References

For the business cards I decided to take the elements that I liked from my previous rough designs and create some new designs, still taking inspiration from the references that I had previously gathered and the feedback I had received from Sarah during one of the meetings we had. Like making some elements of the car bigger and ordering my contacts in the order of most likely to be used to least likely.


Business Card Rough Designs

I like the new designs better than the old iterations. I think using placeholders was throwing me with the old designs so I’m glad I reworked them to better suit my taste as well as what I want a potential employer to clearly see when looking at my business cards. Out of all the new designs I have a preference for design 3 so I developed it further alongside colour variations.


Business Card Rough Designs

For the final design I wanted it to be heavily themed around our major project so I included the use of one of the main characters, Gumball, I like the composition of the final design and how it is clear to see that 2D animation is a what job role I am looking for but the 3D generalist isn’t clearly displayed so I may have to make an alternative card for that in the future.



—Posters Rough Designs

As a team Danielle and I decided that for the final poster one of my earlier ideas was going to be used for the main design of the poster. Danielle created a few variants of what we wanted the poster to look like before creating a couple of possible colour schemes.

This was the initial rough poster design I came up with before Danielle created some more variants.

*Posters created by Danielle*

—Poster Final

*Posters created by Danielle background render, lighting and title added by Nicole (Me)*

After we decided on which poster we wanted Danielle created the base poster before handing it over to me to add the background some lighting and the title.


C.V. Designs

Using the references that I had previously looked at I created a design that was quite similar to my last one but with updated information and a new theme.

CV References

I liked the use of colour and the overall cohesive themes of the referenced CV above so I decided to go for a more colourful design than my last CV but keep the layout as I liked how clear all the information was on my previous design.


CV Final

For my newest CV I wanted to keep the branding that I had for my business so I used the same colour palette, fonts and character. With the new CV I was careful to make sure it wasn’t too colourful or hard to read. I am overall happy with the new design and in the future I will continue to update it with new experiences and eventually remove my highschool grades as they will no longer be as important to include. I may need to adjust the spacing of some of the information in the leftmost column but otherwise I’m pleased with the outcome.



After a team meeting Danielle and I decided that it would be best to create an artbook of the project instead of a design deck as we collaborated on all aspects of the project so we found an art book was better suited for our needs.


Artbook References

Before beginning the process of creating an artbook I looked into some other artbooks that have been created or other films like Spiderman Into the Spider Verse, Cuphead and Animal Crackers. So of the artbooks I found match our theme and others I liked the layouts and designs of the pages. Danielle and I agreed that we wanted a decorative artbook themed heavily around our major project so we started to create some initial designs.


Artbook Initial Ideas

While designing the initial ideas I focused on some themes that are used throughout our animation like the party room walls and the circus/clown like character designs of our main characters. Danielle also suggested that we try some designs themed around the birthday cake and the corkboard and arcade machine patterning.


Artbook Variations & Colour

After deciding that we liked design 1 and 2 the best I created some variations of the themes to see what aspects we liked the best. After we decided on what elements we each liked best we moved onto experimenting with colour. For my pages I preferred the colour of the pale green page with the decorations of colour variant 2s decorations. For Danielle’s pages she liked the use of the pastel pins on the first variant of design 2 as well as the gradient title of the second variant of the second theme. 

Once our themes were decided I created some vectors for the elements we wanted to use for the artbook.


Artbook WIP

I created the cover for the artbook using one of Danielle’s previous poster designs.

*Poster designs created by Danielle*

Due to fast approaching deadlines we were only able to get a few pages of the artbook done by Danielle and I will continue to work on it to get it done for printing for the end of year show.

*The cover, introduction and green pages were created by Nicole (Me) and the brown pages were created by Danielle*



For the showreel I added a start and end card that matches the theming of my business card and CV to create a more cohesive brand image for the current direction I wish to take my attempts in employment. I decided to use the same music as before on my showreel but update some of the older work I am less proud of for some newer clips from our latest project as well as using some other more recent projects I have done since the last showreel. Overall I am pleased with my showreel and will continue to update it as I create more content.


Careers Direction

To get myself out to a wider audience I have created an instagram, Artstation and Linktree to make finding all of my content easier for potential employers. Using a linktree I added all the links to websites or social media with my work on them. To keep everything cohesive I branded all my links with the same colours and characters as my business card. All of the models for the project have been uploaded to Sketchfab but I still need to upload more content to my instagram and Artstation which I plan to have finished by the end of year show. Once I had my linktree finished I used the website QR Code Monkey to create a custom QR code for my Linktree.


End of Year Show Display

For our end of year show display we heavily referenced the layout of what Danielle created.

*EOYS Layout created by Danielle*


Animation Renders & Polaroids

When putting everything together Danielle and I printed out a rough poster as the final one won’t be printed in time, some polaroids that I created using some stills for the animation with little tweaks like the direction of the eyes and inclusion of birthday children. 









Furthermore, we both created a QR Code for the wall incase during the show we run out of business cards there will still be a way to view our contacts and information. From last year’s show that Danielle and I attended we noticed that some displays had stickers so we decided to do the same as I found it made the display more memorable as it had a keepsake to take home so I designed some buttons and stickers based on our animation.


Finally, we created a cake as a centerpiece from two boxes that we purchased from Hobbycraft and covered it in Polyfilla, some fake sprinkles and faux cherries that we painted a brighter shade of red.

After seeing the full display I am happy with the overall look, it’s colourful, fun and eye-catching which is what I wanted from this display. We will have to get a final print out of our business cards, artbook, buttons, stickers and poster for the end of year show. Danielle and I also agree that we would need a border for the animation stills and a frame for the poster but overall we are proud of what we have achieved by the deadline.



To conclude, I am happy with what Danielle and I were able to achieve by the deadline for our display. I am especially pleased with how the cake turned out and how everything came together and looks cohesive. I feel that our display is a good balance between being eye-catching and busy without going overboard as well as putting focus in the right areas like our business at the front of the table and our poster. As mentioned above there is still room for improvement to the display for the final end of year show like finalised prints of our work alongside some black frames for our poster and animation stills. There is still plenty of work to get done by the end of year show but I am confident that Danielle and I can have everything done and assembled by then.

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