For this morning’s class we had a lecture on ScreenWorks before Mike came around and gave feedback on our progress over the Easter break.


– Always laughs at scene 17D-E

– scene 22 needs a cotton candy tumble weed, the background needs adjusted and a bit of motion needs to be added to Gumball and Lollipop when they are standing still

– The hands in scene 24 need to be flipped over

– Render out scene 25 without the background

– In Scene 26 the kid is too stiff and the cake should fold like a wave

– Hold the end tears of scene 27 longer

– For scene 30 their faces need to look determined, not happy.


Afternoon Class:

This afternoon I focused on compiling a rough cut of all the scenes we have to show Michael and get some feedback on the overall animation before we get too deep into lineart.




For homework we focused on adjusting the scenes that we got feedback on and adjusting the overall rough cut of the animation.


—Adjusted Animations—

-Scene 22 – Adjusted-

*Insert: Scene 22 – Adjusted*

*Scene 22 – Adjusted animation created by Danielle*


-Scene 24 – Adjusted-

*Insert: Scene 24 – Adjusted*

*Scene 24 – Adjusted animation created by Danielle*


-Scene 25 – Adjusted-

*Insert: Scene 25 – Adjusted*


-Scene 26 – Adjusted-

*Insert: Scene 26 – Adjusted*

*Scene 26 – Adjusted animation created by Danielle*



-Scene 27 – Adjusted-

*Insert: Scene 27 – Adjusted*

*Scene 27 – Adjusted animation created by Danielle*


-Scene 30 – Adjusted-

*Insert: Scene 30 – Adjusted*


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