Morning Class:

During this morning’s class we discussed the module overview and communications with  the various tutors and animation society, what is the required criteria for this module and the different ways of presenting the end of year show. Furthermore, we covered some general guidance on how to schedule our time to work on our Major Projects and Creative Futures as well as the end of year show.

Next, Henry went into detail on what each assessment requires and the marking criteria. It was also made clear that the tutors are here to help with information or student well being due to the stress and anxiety of the fast approaching deadlines. Finally, we covered the weekly schedule for this semester’s module and were given a 15 minute break.

After the break, we were shown some examples of previous year’s end of year shows and what we will be expected to do to create our displays. We also covered some examples of creative ways to showcase our work.


For the activity we were tasked with thinking of a title for our major projects and making lists of the themes and concepts of our Major Project.

Title Ideas = Arcade Animatronics, The New Robot, The Replacement, The Misunderstanding

Themes = comedy, family friendly, action, adventure, animation, Indie film, silent, fiction

Concepts = adapting and accepting change, new vs. old, friendship, dealing with life’s challenges, working together, 

Media that is similar = 

– Toy Story 1


– Silly Symphony (Old disney Mickey Mouse posters)

– Adventure Time

– Steven Universe

– Cuphead




For homework we were tasked with gathering some poster references with similar styles of themes to our major projects.


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