Morning Class:

For this morning’s class we were given an activity to do while we waited for our tutorial times.



We were tasked with taking a different group’s animatic or storyboards and editing them. 


While doing the activity, Michael came round and gave us some feedback on our current progress.



– He prefers the medium shot of the Texas stand-off for the animatic than the canted angle

– Likes the toon shader but advises exporting without lighting

– Spend a bit of time figuring out a style guide for the background and how to make each prop step by step.




For this week, we focused on figuring out a style guide for the background and props. We also adjusted the height and children’s guide to better match the style guide. Danielle created some prop designs while I focused on creating a carpet pattern and some background test renders.



-Height Guide-

*Height Guide created by Danielle*


-Style Guide-


—Concept Art—

-Children (Edited)-

*Children Concept Art created by Danielle*


-Background Props-

*Furniture concept art created by Danielle*



-Test Render-

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