Morning Class:

For this morning’s class we had Alec who gave a lesson on walk cycles.


—Exercise 1- Blocking basics – Blocking Pass—

We had to create an ease in and out animation in a stepped preview with a ball.


—Exercise 2- Blocked to Spline basics-

We had to spline the ball animation and adjust the graph editor to create a more polished ease in and out animation.


—Exercise 3- Graph Editor Exercise – Fix Jitter—

We had to fix the jitter of the ball and smooth out the animation using the graph editor and changing the type of tangents.


—Exercise 4- Arcs—

Had to add some arcs of action to the head and body of a jack rig. We placed a key frame in the middle and used the control curves to adjust the position of the head and body to create small arcs in the motion.


—Exercise 5- Locking Arm Inbetweens—

Added some inbetweens to the arc of an arm in inverse kinematic mode and adjusted the graph editor to change the tangents to spline.


—Exercise 6- Anticipation and Follow Through—

Had to add more frames to the animation to create a follow through of the arm dropping and the fingers moving.


Reviewed some 3D walk cycles that Alec created using the Asra rig.



Alec came round and gave feedback on the body mechanic animation.

– Add more secondary animation/overlap to the head movement-feels a bit stiff

– add more frames to the step across motion to make it look less like he is teleporting


Afternoon Class:

After lunch, Sorcha reviewed what we will be covering in the lecture today and looked at an example of a designed and rigged character called Cliodhna who was used in the short animation “Roar”.



Tasked with creating animated text using after effects.


Introduced to a plugin called “Mr Horse – Animation Composer” which is free and has a lot of cool effects and animations that could be used in after effects.


Also looked at a plugin called “Duik” which is a better way to animate a character in after effects.


Watched a video that reviewed different plugins that could be used to animate characters which went over the pros and cons of each plugin.





For homework, we were tasked with continuing to work on our assignments.


Assignment 1:

This week I focused on texturing the room model and began to assemble the scene with everything that the group has so far.



Assignment 2:

This week I focused on adjusting the rough action animation based on the feedback that I received during class and animating the second character.

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