Morning class:

For this morning’s class we were told to complete the video uploaded to Blackboard.


—Video 1: Hardware 2.0 Rendering—

In this video we were shown what settings to change if using this render. Can be found under ‘Renderer-> Viewport 2.0’.


I went into the render settings, ‘Windows-> Rendering Editors-> Render Settings’, and adjusted the settings.


After the video we were broken into groups to talk about our Assignment 3 progress and receive some feedback on what we had done which included:

– You don’t need to zoom in on the stomach of the ghost

– Turn camera focus length to 26mm

– They like the texturing but I want to make it look more cartoony.


Afternoon Class:

After lunch we split back into our breakout groups and Aodhan and Alec continued their journey.

Our group broke the previs into 5 parts and assigned people different parts, the order is;

1 = Curtis

2 = Nicole (Me)

3 = Danielle

4 = Tori

5 = Amber


After we decided on what part each of us were doing, I went back to texturing the environment.


Alec and Aodhan returned to our group for a second check in to see what we had been up to. We received some more feedback which included:

– Stop moving the camera so much

– Hold the shot of the sandwich in the stomach and have the ghost look at the camera

– Adjust the aspect ratio

– Fix the rig attached to the head

– Add another joint to the top of the head



Assignment 3:

The deadline for Assignment 3 is on the 7th of May so I will be focusing on making the adjustments to the project based on the feedback we received.

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