There is no formal class this week but one to one support sessions for our modelling project.

My meeting will be on the 3rd of March at 5 o’clock with Alec.


—Meeting with Daryl—

At 5 o’clock on the 3rd of March, I had a one to one session scheduled with Alec but something came up so I got to talk with Daryl instead.

Daryl made some good points about my model and what I could do to improve it, these included:

– I had a texture map that messed with my model that I didn’t notice. He said it was either the ‘normal map’ or ‘displacement map’. It was the ‘displacement map’.

– I could add more detail to the cogs on my model with textures and height maps.


I found this meeting to be really useful as it gave me some ideas of how to improve my model. After the meeting was over I got to work on adding more details to the cogs in Substance painter.



Assignment 1 : Wand Modelling


Opened Substance Painter and found a stencil that I liked. I placed it over my model and used the height tool to add texture to the cogs. I repeated this process on both sides of my cog and the other cog, varying the sizes of the rings per cog.

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