For the thirteenth week, I finished adjusting the animation based on the feedback I received the week prior and I added the shadows and highlights to the animation.


Lighting with Background


Now all that is left is to get the animation compiled, the names of the characters added and adding the music to the background.


Animation with Title Card

Final Compiled Animation


Rhys created the title cards, compiled the animations and edited the music.

Music: The Swinghoppers & Wolfgang Lohr – Party like it’s 1920


Semester Recap

During this semester I’ve learned a lot about 2D animation. I’ve learned that characters and objects can be broken down into simple shapes that make them easier to understand and draw consistently. Perspective can be easier to do if you use plenty of references and use the perspective tool in drawing programs. Also, avoid tangents were possible to make the image look more readable. Furthermore, colours have a wide variety of representations and can help convey messages to the audience about a character or location. When it comes to creating characters it is best to explore every aspect before settling on one idea as this allows you to find new and exciting ideas that you might not of thought of on the first go.

When it comes to animation, storyboards are extremely important as they allow you to test out a plethora of ideas and an animatic allows you to test what pacing that would best suit the scene you are planning on animating. In addition, key frames allow you to plot the main stages in the animation that you want to convey. I have animated in the past but never really knew the importance of animating in stages; this allows mistakes that are made to be easily and quickly fixed before it becomes too difficult to fix the mistakes at a later stage of the animating process. Feedback, references and group communication are also important as it makes sure that everyone is doing what they need to do and can help others improve what they have already done.

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