For the eleventh week, I focused on completing my secondary animation and adding line art. This week’s lecture content was really useful to me as I am animation a liquid.

Secondary Animation without Background



Secondary Animation with Background

I like the way that my animation is shaping up, especially the way that the beer glass and the liquid moves. It was also fun to animate Cold Brew’s moustache. I got to experiment with making Clear Mug’s arm and how fast I could make it move, in the end I merged two of his arm frames to make it move really fast. I like the way that it looks.


Line Art without Background

The line art of my animation looks okay but needs to be cleaned up a bit as there are some areas that there are lines were there shouldn’t be. I also need to change the colour of the beer glass to white to make it look more like a glass.


For next week, I will have my animation coloured, with the background included.



beer splashing out of glass:


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