For the tenth week, we created our backgrounds for our section of the animation and began to rough out the animation.



Colour Scheme

I chose to pick a warm colour scheme for the bar setting as I wanted it to feel welcoming.

I chose to use brown for the outlines as I didn’t like how harsh the black outlines looked and the brown makes it look softer.


Line art
Base Colours
Lighting/Final Backgrounds

I like how the final backgrounds turned out. They have the warm and cosy feeling I wanted.


Animation without Background

I found the timing to be too quick in the first on so I adjusted the timing of the animation.

Animation with Background

I feel that with the adjusted timing the animation looks a lot better now and is easier for the viewer to see what is going on in the animation.


For the next week, I intend to have the secondary animation completed.



pouring pint:

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