Reading – Graphic Design Rules

Layout and Design   I was feeling a bit bored and suddenly remembered I have the “Graphic Design Rules” book sitting on my shelf and decided to pick it up. As I was flicking through, I thought it would maybe be good to read a few of the pages about layout and design. I feel […]

IXD302 – Week 08 – Topic Research

Fact Finding For my pitch, I am going to need facts and statistics to use in my slides, and also to aid the reasons why this app should exist.   Here are some relevant facts I found on the internet: A staggering 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in┬áthe world’s oceans every year. How […]

IXD301 – Week 01 – Content Audit

Dawson Andrews Content Audit This week we were tasked with writing up a content audit for a website that we find would be helpful for us to research. With the upcoming placement year, and potential interviews, it is important that we have our portfolio sites up to scratch. The best way to ensure that our […]

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