IXD303 – Week 05 – Overview

Content Design This week we learnt all about content design. The first thing we were told is that¬†everything is content, and content underpins everything. Paul then went on to teach us about the different forms of content, as well as the digital service standard for content design. We also learnt about the digital service standard, […]

IXD304 – Week 04 – Overview

Journeying Immersively   This week was all about immersive storytelling. With immersive storytelling sites – we are shifting from creating static websites, into creating dynamic websites.   Kyle taught us about micro and macro interactions, as well as telling us about what users expect from a website’s UI nowadays. Users want: Immersive experiences Scrolling Animation […]

IXD304 – Week 02 – Overview

Typography (Micro and Macro)   This week was all about typography, on both a micro and macro level. During this lecture, Kyle told us about the best way to produce web-friendly content. We were also given advice on choosing typefaces, typescales, and good use of correct grammar. We were later given some links to good […]

IXD304 – Week 01 – Intro.

Narrative & Storytelling   This week Kyle gave us an introduction to our new module, and broke it down for us. We were told deadlines, how much each deliverable is worth, and what exactly we will be producing for each of the two deliverables.   Rationale Examining how storytelling can be used to enhance content. […]

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