IXD304 – Week 02 – Overview

Typography (Micro and Macro)   This week was all about typography, on both a micro and macro level. During this lecture, Kyle told us about the best way to produce web-friendly content. We were also given advice on choosing typefaces, typescales, and good use of correct grammar. We were later given some links to good […]

IXD302 – Week 11

Intellectual Property This week we learnt about the legal stuff involved within freelancing and owning a business. Daniel told us we can also pop onto the gov.uk website if we ever need more information on intellectual property.   Anything original that anyone creates is their intellectual property. You own the rights to your work until […]

IXD302 – Week 09

Pitching and Presenting   With our product pitches coming up, Daniel decided to teach us about how to successfully pitch and present. We learnt about how to appear, and feel confident, as well as how to respect the next speaker by staying within your time limit, and how to present the content within your slides. […]

IXD302 – Week 04

Interview Skills   Today we learnt about interview skills. At the beginning of this class, Daniel put up a Menti link and we all typed suggestions of what we think we’d need to consider for the workplace. This exercise was quite fun, and brought us into the lecture nicely. Daniel then ran through some things […]

IXD302 – Week 03

Workplace Etiquette   This week Daniel taught us about etiquette in the workplace. We started off by learning about etiquette in the studio, in meetings, on the phone, then learnt about etiquette in emails. Here is a short summary of some of the things we were taught:   The Studio Be pleasant and enthusiastic Keep […]

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