IXD103 – Portfolio Site Link

Portfolio Website Pages: My site consists of three main pages. The home screen (navigated to by clicking the monogram within nav bar), the portfolio screen, and an about screen. My blog is also linked in the nav bar. This is a link to my current portfolio site.

IXD103 – Week 07 – Group Critique Thoughts

This week we were split into small groups to present our brand so far and receive feedback from Daniel and our peers. I found this critique to be really helpful – especially for helping me with my visual marque. Daniel suggested that I change it as he couldn’t really see the sun image and pointed […]

IXD103 – Week 07 – My Own Brand Guidelines

After our lecture about brand guidelines, I felt equipped enough to be able to properly bring my brand together and create my own brand guidelines. Daniel suggested using a website called BrandPad to do this. I found this website quite hard to navigate at first but once I wrapped my head around it, I was […]

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