IXD302 – Investor Pitch Research

Prologue The problem I identified was that many students are not able to cook proper meals. Problem: Students are don’t have the time or don’t know how to cook proper meals. I will go and interview students I know around the Coleraine Campus to support me in pitching a solution to this problem.   Interviews…Continue Reading IXD302 – Investor Pitch Research

IXD 302 – Writing the Proposal

Title Page Client Company: Belfast City Council Project title: Hill Street Brand and Website Submission date: November 19th Company Undertaking Project: Grissam’s Design Firm Proposal author: Matthew Grissam   The Brief The first I wrote was the brief, not the brief Daniel gave us but the actual fictional brief given for the Hill Street proposal….Continue Reading IXD 302 – Writing the Proposal

IXD 302 – Proposal Research

Prologue Last week Daniel asked us to start looking into UX design proposals, I found many different pieces of research regarding them. The lecture we had this week with Daniel was called Creative Entrepreneurship. In this lecture he first asked us what we found out about job proposals. Myself and the rest of the class…Continue Reading IXD 302 – Proposal Research

IXD 302 – Interview Skills

Week 4                   This week we discussed interview skills and what companies will be looking for. We also discussed potential questions we would be asked in interview processes. In the lecture Daniel showed us screencaps from a design company that actively takes placement students from our course….Continue Reading IXD 302 – Interview Skills

IXD 302 – Studio Etiquette

This Week… In this week’s lecture, we looked at Studio Etiquette. Although it was a fairly short lecture, it was a useful insight into how our behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group should be. As in any job, there are ways to navigate the workplace. It is important to…Continue Reading IXD 302 – Studio Etiquette

IXD 302 – Applying for Future jobs

Prologue This week there where many online sessions to help boost skills and recieve advice on transitioning into a work environment. While I browsed all the events to sign up for, I also began working on my CV and cover letter. Luckily I already had a CV which I used to get my part time…Continue Reading IXD 302 – Applying for Future jobs

IXD 302 – Local / International Design Firms

Local No 79 Design No79 is a digital and web design studio based in the North Coast of Northern Ireland and Plymouth UK. They provide digital services around NI and beyond with clients from Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh and Liverpool. In November 2019 No 79 Design began a rebrand process began beginning with their new logo….Continue Reading IXD 302 – Local / International Design Firms