IxD 103 – Style Guides

Style Guide – The Physical or digital document that represents the styles, patterns, practises and principles of a deign system and teaches how to use it. Pattern Library – An organised set of related, reusable components, often containing code examples, design guidelines and use cases. Components – A self-contained and reusable pattern that represents a…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Style Guides

IxD 103 Brand Guidelines

This week we had a short lecture on brand guidelines before our brands critiques. So, what are brand guidelines? Brand guidelines are simply an instruction manual and rule book on how to communicate your brand. They lay out all the visual details, as well as important notes about the company’s voice, tone, and messaging. We…Continue Reading IxD 103 Brand Guidelines

IxD 103 – Visual Mark Design

Sketching I started out with mind map to gather my interests and ideas for my Visual mark, I continued to go with the Japanese Aesthetic.       The outcome was a mixture of finalised designs, I went for a full Japanese aesthetic to compliment my interest in Japanese culture. The main 2 striking colours…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Visual Mark Design

IxD103 – Visual Marks Research

Visual Mark Research I looked at a generalised Visual marks designs on Pinterest for an understanding on them. I then looked at a more specific area being Japanese styled Visual marks, I did this as it fell in line with the travel app I was doing in my other module and also because I have…Continue Reading IxD103 – Visual Marks Research