IXD 304 – Week 9 – Amplifying Data


This week was all about how we can manage data and how we can display it in a manner that is pleasing to look at.

There are many ways to display data the most basic forms include, pie charts, bar charts, tables, etc. As a designer we want to display this data in a visual way that is pleasing and interesting to look at. The most common way to do this is with infographics.

Displaying Data

This is a really cool one from Bioware, showing data collected from players who played Mass Effect 3 and what choices they made through out the game.

Mass Effect Player Choices Shown in Stats Infographic | Evil Controllers

Another one is this chart of all the bosses in Elden Ring. What I really like about this one is that the imagry in the background categories which bosses are the the main bosses found in the elden ring symbol in the middle, then spirit bosses found in the top right, dragons in the top left, tree related bosses in the tree shape, the bosses found in the evergoals and all the minor and mini bosses in the dark areas.

A chart of all the bosses in Elden Ring what I made : r/Eldenring

How Can I Display My Data?

As I am doing an eBook, the way of displaying data would be no different than a regular infographic for example. The only difference would be having to consider the size of the ebook pages and if possible can I make it in a double page? Since the content given to us includes a fair bit of data relating to the Apollo missions.

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