IXD 304 – Making the eBook Pages


To quicken up the process, I plan to use illustrator to make each page in, then I’ll export them and place them into each page on InDesign. This way I can more control over each page.

Title Page

For the title page I tried to mimic the style of the field manuals produced by Nasa for their crews.

I kept the page simple as it is only the title page, but I did add some details to make it look more authentic when compared to its real life counterparts.

Index Page

In every book there is an index page, this is to help the reader navigate to where they need to go if they want to read about certain information.

Again I tried my best to mimic real manuals made by Nasa. I wanted to stick as closely to their style as possible, while also adding my own interruptions.

Apollo 11 Patch Page

This page is solely to showcase the Patch of the mission, worn by the astronauts.

Overview Page

This would be the main overview page, giving a quick brief of the Apollo 11 mission.

This is the progress I have made thus far on the eBook, I am still learning how to make double pages. I will have more ready for our one to one session coming up soon.

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