IXD302 – Investor Pitch Research


The problem I identified was that many students are not able to cook proper meals.

Problem: Students are don’t have the time or don’t know how to cook proper meals.

I will go and interview students I know around the Coleraine Campus to support me in pitching a solution to this problem.



I had the opportunity to interview 20 students who attend University around Ireland.

Key problems boiled down to 2 main problems…

Here were some examples.


Undergraduate Pharmacy Student – Coleraine

“I have very little time to actually make any meaningful meals. Between class hours, after class activities such as football, and studying for exams, I never have enough time to make or experiment with anything new.”



Undergraduate Business & Law Student – Dublin

“I am a first year student living away from home for the first time in my life. I have absolutely no experience cooking proper meals as I had no need to prior to attending University. I currently rely on microwavable meals, which aren’t the healthiest or the tastiest if I am being honest.”


Many students don’t have time to cook;

  • Students have limited time to prepare dishes due to busy schedules and deadlines
  • Students tend to have poor diets due to time constraints

Many students also don’t know how to cook;

  • Some students were never taught how to cook or did not have the available resources/support
  • Many students never realised the importance of this life skill prior to University

Personal perspective;

Students have limited cooking ingredients,

  • Due to budgeting

Not knowing the versatilely of certain ingredients to create more than one meal


These are just a few news articles, as examples but as you can see the problem is there, and it’s worldwide. The solution would be to create an app that will work on android and apple phones and tablets.


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