IXD 302 – Week 5 CV Feedback

Week 5…

This week we got feedback on our CVs and cover letters. We recieved our feedback online in one on ones, which I felt was a great as Daniel went over all the aspects of my CV he noted that it is a reference page and therefore should be kept simple. In terms of other feedback, Daniel was pleased with the CV the only changes I had to make where in the layout and and keeping it simple with no design. Having daniel go over my CV helped clear my thinking up when it came to wondering if it was ready.

After our feedback Daniel brought us all back into the one blackboard room and he asked us to do some research into the subject of proposals. When pitching to a client a proposal helps the designer establish right at the beginning the scope of the project. What is expected of both parties and what the deliverable will be for the project.

How To Write A UX Design Proposal | Ux design, Learn ux design, Ux design  process

So I would have to go and have a look around for examples and overall research about how to prepare and write a design proposal for a client. There will be many way for me to research this topic. Either through books, web articles and youtube videos as well. I will also look at templates and how people would lay them out.

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