IXD 302 – Investor Pitch Mockups and Presentation Development

High Resolution Mockups

For the purpose of the investor pitch slideshow, I wanted to have a basic mockup create to give me more talking points when presenting the product. I took inspiration from my elements project when making this. The main points I copied over where the overall aesthetic and bright colours. I also wanted to make sure it was targeted towards students by using emojis throughout the app. In the end I feel that the emojis actually added a nice touch to the app.

The Presentation

Creating the presentation was relatively quick to do, as I had made gathered all the research materials it was just matter of designing the pages. I turned back to the app I had created and I took elements from it and used it in the presentation to tie it all together.


As you can see I copied over the really bright and fun blue I used in the app, this gave the title page a good impact when the presentation starts up. I picked this blue because it looks fun and welcoming.

Overall I am very happy with the design I gave to the presentation. With a total of 14 slides, I feel that is enough to talk through. I will not need any talking points as I like to talk off the top of my head, and go along with the flow. I feel this freeform way of talking when presenting helps me greatly as once I start I don’t stop until I reach the end.

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