IXD 302 – Creating the Pitch Presentation


So now I need to actually assemble the presentation for my pitch, Daniel gave us options in a prior lecture about what platforms we could use to make the presentation on. I am going to stick with the old faithful PowerPoint.

I had already created some screens for my presentation, so I had to do was fill in the gaps with actual information slides, mainly information I gained from user personas, competitor anaylsis and information and tips we got from our week 9 presentation.

So of course I started with the title page.

Then I moved to a table of contents, this just basically layed out what I was going to cover.

From there I moved to a general overview of the app. Not going into much detail per slide as I was doing all the information verbally.

With each slide done, I got someone too look over and I even presented it to them multiple times to make sure it was alright. All I had to do next was convert into PDF send it to the dropbox Daniel had set up.




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