IXD 301 – User Scenarios

What are user scenarios?

They are a description of why users have come to the website, app, etc. It will include their specific goals and the journey they take to reach them.

Why are they important?

User scenarios are important as they let you get to know your user and their specific goals, with this research we can effectively design a product to help them meet these goals. This can help identify potential barriers users may face and make the interface more usable.


My User Scenarios

Both of these scenarios are based upon my user personas I made prior to this.

Scenario 1

Tom, 21, is a chemistry student at university. He needs a quick and fun way to constantly remind him of the elements and their properties as his course is very heavy with a lot learning and exams. Tom feels as if the methods that are being taught are not helping him, as he struggles to keep focus with ADHD. This means that he has a lot of difficulty when learning topics within his subject, he would benefit greatly from something that will keep him engaged and help him revise for exams.


Scenario 2

Elizabeth, 19, a first year Pharmacy student. She needs a fun happy to help her get started with the world of the elements, as she is a first year she will be covering the periodic table. Unfortunately as it’s only covered in first year, she wants something she can come back to use even in her final year to help her with the elements and their properties while doing lab work and exams. Elizabeth is very tech savy and loves using her phone, so an app based on one of her most used apps would mean she would have a familiar interface to help her quickly and effortlessly navigate the elements.

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