Day: January 3, 2022

IXD 301 – Getting Started (Webflow)

The Feedback Session From the feedback session we had prior, it was time to take the feedback and ideas given by Kyle and put them into the functioning website. This would all be achieved in Webflow, a web based website builder which none of us had any experience using.   Starting Webflow Using Webflow was…Continue Reading IXD 301 – Getting Started (Webflow)

IXD 301 -Week 3 – Website Feedback

Feedback We had a feedback session on miro with our digital mock ups of our websites. It was a great opportunity to show off the progress of the website and gain valuable feedback from Kyle and my fellow classmates. The feedback session was generally great, with only minor changes to be made. In regards to…Continue Reading IXD 301 -Week 3 – Website Feedback

IXD 301 – Portfolio Typeface

Which Typeface Do I Choose? There are a lot of modern and nice typefaces out there that would furfill my need. More importantly a typeface that will reflect well on the colour scheme I have choosen. Some typefaces though are too situational and only work under certain conditions, some are just outright terrible and won’t…Continue Reading IXD 301 – Portfolio Typeface