IXD 301 – Elements Project – User Peronas


Now that I am concrete idea in place and I have interview my friends (users), I know have a basis on what to make my user peronas on. For the purpose of accessibility I will make the peronas as fictional characters with fictional needs/goals based on what my users told me during interviews. I will make one for my target audience with all the generic information and a second for someone with ADHD, this way I can work with a more open ended mind to keep myself from disconnecting from a certian type of user.


My User Personas

Both user personas are students, one has ADHD the other doesn’t. Both represent students, Elizabeth is your average first year student, she has a busy schedule. Tom on the other hand is a third year chemistry student with ADHD, he is also a visual learner, something I took from Ronan when doing my interviews.

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