IXD 301 – Elements Project – Idea Generation


As I had previously said in another blogpost, I was stuck between two ideas. Before progressing I would need to actually pick one to work on.

The Kids Approach

A Minecraft based elements app for kids, this would take the blocks from the game and break down what they are made of. An example to go of is the Minecraft Education Edition which includes the periodic table. Although this requires a computer or laptop to use, a mobile version would be a great addition.

Undergradute Approach

The other idea is to use Tinder as a base for the app. I am swaying more towards this idea as I have a lot of friends doing chemistry related courses at the Coleraine Campus of Ulster University and thus I could use their insight into the elements and use them for user research as well.

Tinder Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Thus Ideation

So I started by creating a mind map to get all my ideas down. The mindmap is a great place to start when trying to get ideas going and to expand your horizons.

Which one?

As I said above, the student app would probably work more in my favour as I have lots of friends doing chemistry related courses such as Pharmacy. This would provide a great amount of research and user research. Using tinder as a base as well would also be a neat idea to go down and to see how it would actually work. Ofcourse using the swiping left and right would play a big part in this app, if it is to resemble Tinder at all.

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