IXD 301 – Elements Project – Colour Consideration


Just like with the Portfolio Website project, I am back to colour consideration. What sort of colour palette do I want for my app? I feel brighter colours would be a better option this time around compared to my website. The reason being, I am use Tinder as my base. Tinder uses bright colours, which are very good for having a fun atmosphere. I want people using the app to have a fun atmosphere, when people are having fun and enjoying something they generally will keep the memories in their mind more, it’s like when people tell you to chew bubble gum while revising. Studies have shown that if you chew a certain flavour of gum while revising, and chew that same flavour in an exam, you’ll remember more of what you revised. It’s science. Gum also helps you concentrate because it keeps blood flowing to your head. In this case it’s a fun atmosphere, this is why people generally learn more from a subject they enjoy, because to them it’s fun, so having a fun colour pallete could also help.



These are both great examples of the colours I want to use for my app, mainly for the buttons.

Colour plays a big role in our lives, so picking colours that stand out will greatly enchance the aesthetics of the app. While also giving the app a fun appearance.

According to ColorCom,

Color helps us store and process images more efficiently than colorless (black and white) scenes”, therefore we remember colorful images better.

Because of color’s connection to our memories, we also naturally connect color to our feelings and emotions. Yellow is such a happy color. Designers and artist learn how to use color to set an emotional tone for their work. The color palette for a piece of artwork is usually the first thing that is thought about, usually before any words are written. A picture is worth a thousand of those things.

The Importance of Color| Psychology, Emotions, Design, Art

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