IXD 302 – Introduction to Creative Entrepreneurship

Week 1

Our first of the semester with Daniel, this lecture covered the introduction to the Creative Industry and skills and approaches to take when working within it. Daniel mainly covered the itinerary of what we would be doing the coming weeks.

Our first 4 weeks would be the build up handing in our CV and Cover Letters we had been tasked to do, this coincided well with the upcoming placement jobs we where applying for in the coming months and year. After which we would move onto doing invoices and quotations to focus more on the business side of working as a designer. Finally at the end of the first semester we would be handing in our final deliverable of doing an investors pitch on a product, this will be done in a Dragon’s Den style. Something I am really looking forward to doing while also being fairly anxious.



After the lecture we had a short break but then moved to the classroom itself to do a small workshop on our expectations of a work place so to speak. Each table was given sticky notes and we had to write down ideas on what we basically wanted from a company and/or a work environment. I wrote down 5 pieces all varying in different areas such as the general environment, travel oppertunities, payscale and overall attitude of the company and it’s staff.


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