IxD 103 – Redesigned Monogram


After a lot of trial and error, I finally reached a monogram design I can totally happy with in every extent. It follows the Japanese aesthetic I have been following throughout my brand as well as give off a very pleasing look.

I would start off with this as my initial monogram design, I do still like this but as my brand gained a more Japanese aesthetic it became more detached from my brand.

The same can be said about this monogram too as it was a redesign of the monogram above. It had the same fate as the one above.


The design is based off the Tori Gates in Japan, these massive structures can be found at the entrances some of the most sacred temples. I wanted to keep the overall shape of it while making it look like the letter M.


The New Monogram

The Re Re Design;

This design is the final design for now, it is completely in tune with the brand and follows the same aesthetic.

The design follows




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