IxD 104 – Hand to Mouse – Week 3

The following week Paul talked to us about illustration, throughout the lecture Paul went over the different ways you can portray Illustration by showing us pieces of work from different illustrators. The one that I had already mentioned was Olly Moss, who I had looked at the week prior. Rogie King, Breno Bitencourt, Sarah Parmenter and Veerle Pieters where other people to look at. All of these designers use different tools, techniques and programs some are photoshop experts, work with collage, vector artists, focus on UI/UX design and so much more.


Olly Moss

Being a person who loves movies and games, Olly Moss is definitely someone who’s art style and subject choice appealed to me.


Breno Bitencourt

Breno Bitencourt is an award-winning Logo Designer and Illustrator with 10+ years of experience designing identities for clients around the globe. The 30 Years old Brazilian Artist created over 1,000 innovative logos for hundreds of clients and received features and claims of prominent Design publications, community and media in the past years. His works also cover Custom Typography Design, Animation and Language Experiments, such as Visual Poetry and Glitch Art.


Sarah Parmenter

An internationally respected web and iOS design practice, with clients including Blackberry, News International, STV, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation of America. A jet-setting speaker, Sarah excels at teaching, and she is a riot with a few cocktails in her.


Illustrators usually will start out on paper with sketches, after that they will either replicate it digitally either by drawing it from scratch or photocopying the sketch.

  • Pens and pencils
  • Photocopying
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Tablets
  • Vectors
  • Procreate






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