IxD 103 – Week 7 Brand Critiques

In Mid March we had to present our final brand to a group within the class, I was personally excited and nervous as I personally a shy person when it comes to talking to groups of people. I presented my work to a group of 5 people and Daniel, we all shared our brands and gave each other feedback where it was due.

I was very very happy with my feedback, Daniel thankfully gave me a great idea on how I could brand myself in a way that reflects me and my love of  Japan. Although I had already been trying to do this, Daniel gave me great feedback mainly talking about making my Wordmark and Monogram more in harmony with my Visual Marques.

Things to work on or change:

Make Monogram and Wordmark more inline with Visual Marque. Give them all the same Japanese aesthetic. Look at using a more simple and normal font for the workmark.

Fonts to consider

  • MS Gothic
  • Baskerville
  • Helvetica
  • Or any Kanji character compatible font.

Daniel also said I could also make my Monogram more Japanese by putting it into the style of Kanji Characters.


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