IxD103 – One Week Branding Project Research

One Week Branding Project

  • Page 1: Logo (wordmark and symbol) and bio/story/description
  • Page 2: A physical touchpoint (can be a box, a uniform or a requirement for the business)
  • Page 3: A digital touchpoint (delivery ordering page, home or menu page, app screen)

We where given a week to either rebrand or create our own pizza company brand. Firstly we had to research about competitor companies, a big one being Dominos.


Everyone knows the iconic Domino’s logo, the red and blue domino piece with the 3 dots. The three dots on the logo symbolize the three original Domino’s locations that were open back when logo was first made. Each colour in the logo has its own meaning and message; Red for example can be associated with energy, bold, ambition, confidence, strength, power, determination, passion and love. While on the other hand blue conveys a completely different message from red such as; trust, loyalty, wisdom, communication, dependable and openness. Not only do they colours have a lot of meanings but the use of red and blue is a very iconic duo of colours. From looking at Domino’s logo you can tell that they are have an ambition and confidences with their services while also being trustworthy and open.


Pizza Hut is bringing back its classic logo as a retro nod to its past

Pizza hut, founded in 1958 they have undergone multiple logo changes, although they have kept the same over design with the iconic roof. The current logo is the one of the left entirely red with the white roof and text. They stated ‘the best pizza under one roof’, which is why the roof in their logo plays a massive part in their overall brand. The reason they choose to go with a totally red circle in their logo is because it’s extremely eye catching and as I previously covered with the Domino’s logo, red conveys passion and love therefore it could mean that Pizza hut have a passion and love for their pizzas.



Looking at how other pizza companies present themselves to their audience and customers I think I have understanding what words to use.


Tone of voice

  • Professional
  • Outgoing
  • Trustworthy
  • Confident
  • Passionate

Word bank

  • Sensational
  • Affordable
  • Flavour
  • Italian
  • Traditional
  • Create your own



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