IxD 103 – Wordmark sketches and Trying out Fonts

Starting on the paper

I got to doing some quick sketches of writing my name in different styles and I also looked at ways of using my name in different ways.


Trying out some Fonts


These were the initial fonts I looked at while trying them out, I really like the modern/futuristic fonts.

I did a second set of fonts and out of these I loved the 2nd font which is made to look the type font seen on old VHS tapes and the 5th and 6th fonts because they are very modern, the 6th one with the slices through them looks very unique.

This font is my favourite font it is known as NEON ABSOLUTE, I like that is literally looks like a neon sign with the excess bits looking like wires or the metal frame that make up the shape. The font is modern also very legible while adding flare to the text. I tried the font out with each different modifiers.

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