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Who are IDEO?


IDEO is a community of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, researchers, and more. From designing the first manufacturable mouse for Apple to advancing the practice of human-centred design, IDEO has long been at the forefront of creating change through design. See some of the highlights from our decades of history.


IDEO is a global design and innovation company | ideo.com

What do IDEO do?

IDEO has been at the centre of Human-centred design, they keep people at the centre of our work. They believe it’s a key tenet of design thinking, they’re always designing solutions for people first. They are building to learn, and learning as they and we humans build, through inspiration, ideation, and implementation. IDEO has worked on projects in the consumer food and beverage, retail, computer, medical, educational, furniture, office, and automotive industries. Some examples include Apple’s first mouse, the Palm V PDA, and Steelcase’s Leap chair. Clients include Air New Zealand, Coca-Cola, ConAgra Foods, Eli Lilly, Ford, Medtronic, Mexichem, Sealy, ShinHo, and Steelcase among many others.


OpenIDEO – a collaborative platform for the design process. OpenIDEO was designed to be an internal tool for IDEO to collaborate with clients, but it is now a public tool.[31] The purpose of the tool is to virtually drive the creative process to solve social problems, allowing for people of different expertise and backgrounds to collaborate. Examples of projects that have been facilitated by OpenIDEO include various projects of the WWF and TEDPrize winner Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution movement.


IDEO U is an online educational program released in early 2015. Course participants are instructed on the concepts surrounding human-centered design thinking. In addition to the online program, IDEO and its affiliates have released multiple books on design thinking, including New York Times best-selling Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All.

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