Year: 2020

Helvetica Typeface Finalized Designs

Helvetica Specimens. These are the finalised designs I took from the drawings and feedback. I asked a variety of people of their opinions on each 3 originals. These people ranged from a Graphic Designer, friends, family and relatives. The most common response I received was that they had a nice balance between readability and aesthetics,…Continue Reading Helvetica Typeface Finalized Designs

When We Build – Wilson Miner – IxD 102

“We shape our tools and our tools shape us.” – Father John Culkin After watching this talk presented by Wilson Miner, I was left feeling rather inspired. The way he talked about how we changed our entire way of life over something such as lightbulbs which as he said lengthened the work day and how…Continue Reading When We Build – Wilson Miner – IxD 102

Helvetica Research – IxD102

Helvetica Created in 1957 by a Swiss Typeface Designer known as Max Miedinger, a widely used sans-serif typeface, Helvetica is a neo-grotesque design which means it is relatively straightforward in appearance with limited width variation. Neo grotesques often feature capitals of uniform width and a quite ‘folded-up’ design, in which strokes (for example on the ‘c’) are…Continue Reading Helvetica Research – IxD102

My Manifesto Research

What is a Manifesto? “a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.” “An art manifesto is a public declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of an artist or artistic movement” Simply put, a Manifesto is declaration of intention, motive or even views of the…Continue Reading My Manifesto Research