Follow the Rhythm – Research

Initial Idea

The idea I had in mind was to look at a Sabaton song. I have listened to a lot of their songs and choosing one was indeed going to be a challenging task in itself.

To actually narrow it down into songs I could used, I considered looking at using songs from their album ‘Great War’, It would be of been fitting for the time due to Remembrance Day.

  • The Red Baron
  • Seven Pillars Of Wisdom
  • Attack of the Dead Men

I liked the colours of the Red Baron’s cover art with the reds and grey, the general layout of the cover reminds me heavily on the older movie posters. While the Attack of the Dead Men also carries the same old movie poster style in terms of the layout of the characters and title of the text on the image. I thought of using the Seven Pillars of Wisdom in a way of having the lyrics in seven pillars on a desert background.


The layout idea I had for the Red Baron was to have the lyrics in the shape of his Biplane, either on it’s own or with the shape of his Biplane as a base for the text to rest on. For Attack of the Dead Men, I had the idea of make the text flow like gas with the silhouettes of soldiers charging through it.


Idea #2

The second idea stemmed from the first idea and I decided to look at a Remembrance Day piece instead, using lyrics of a poem such as ‘In Flanders Fields’ orĀ  ‘For the Fallen’. The idea was to make it into a shape of a poppy of in the shape of crosses.


Idea #3

The third idea to float into my head was to go back to the 80s, where it was neon and bright and flashing colours, and with artists like ‘The Weeknd’ and ‘Miley Cyrus’ and ‘Dua Lipa’ going back to this ‘future nostalgia’ I thought they would be a great choice to look at. Out of the 3 artists I mentioned, The Weeknd’s song Blinding Lights gave me the most ideas. Giving the idea of having bright bokeh lights as the background in either normal or neon pink or purple.



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